SHS Basketball Schedules



19.1  Classification

        Division 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, Boys & Girls

19.2 Regulations for Playing Area

        The gymnasium to be used for a Provincial Basketball Final to be left to the discretion of the Executive Director.

19.3 Awards

        - Championship Banner to winning school.

        - NSSAF Gold Medallion to members of championship team and coach (maximum 18).

        - NSSAF Silver Medallion to members of runner-up team and coach (maximum 18).

        -  NSSAF Bronze Medallion to members of third place team and coach (maximum 18).

19.4 Type of Final

        -  Single Elimination Consolation Tournament.

           In NSSAF Championship Tournaments where teams are seeded, the higher seed shall be designated Home Team throughout the tournament.

        - Junior Varsity – TBA

19.5 Rules of Play – FIBA with the following modifications:

               -  The shot clock shall be 24 seconds for Senior and Junior High/Middle Schools.

               -  The time between periods shall be one minute.

               -  Half-time shall be 10 minutes.

               -  The maximum number of players shall be fifteen (15).

               -  The recommended playing time for Junior High/Middle School competition shall be 8 min. quarters.

-  Shot clocks shall be mandatory for all Provincial Championships.

-  If schools cannot agree on the game ball, the Spalding TF1000 series will be used.

- Dunking is not permitted during the warm up.

19.6.              Third year Student-Athletes are now permitted to participate in all NSSAF sanctioned JV basketball contests.

19.7 Team members are not to change into game uniforms on the court/sidelines. They must change in a locker room.