28.1  Age Classification

        Senior – Under 19 years as of September 30 of the current school year.

        Intermediate – Under 16 years as of September 30 of the current school year.

        (Juniors can compete as Intermediates)

28.2  Events

        Slingshot Format Snowboard Cross (one rider on the course at a time)

28.3  Regional Races:

Each region will host a minimum of one Regional race, which will determine the team and individual qualifiers for the NSSAF Championship race. Any race(s) prior to the Regional race(s) will be considered a regular season race and will have no basis for Provincial qualification, but may be used by the region as a Regional qualifier or to determine a regular season champion. If more than one race is used to determine the Regional champion, please use the World Cup points to determine the team rankings.        -

        World Cup Points are scored as follows:

        1st - 25        4th - 12         7th - 9          10th - 6       13th - 3

        2nd - 20       5th - 11         8th - 8          11th - 5       14th - 2

        3rd - 15        6th - 10         9th - 7          12th - 4       15th - 1

- A region may allow the entry of more than one team/classification in the Regional race, but only one team/classification per school may advance to the NSSAF Championship race.

- Each team shall consist of five snowboarders.  Each rider will have two timed runs.  The “best run” for each rider will be the format used at the NSSAF Championships. For the Team Championship the best run of each of the four fastest individuals will count towards the team total.

- Last minute changes will be a ‘one for one’ substitution of racers from another team. The whole team will not be rearranged. (If racer 2 of team A is ill, racer 1 from team B may replace him. Who in turn may be replaced by someone else.)

- Schools may also enter individual snowboarders. An individual snowboarder can only compete for the individual championship. All team riders are automatically competing for the individual Championship.

28.4 Regional Representation

 Top two teams per Region/Classification and the remainder of any of the top ten finishers. For greater clarity, no racer shall advance if not a member of a top two team or one of the top ten finishers.

- The teams that qualify for the NSSAF Championship race must remain the same with the exception of two substitutions. In other words, you may substitute up to two racers on the qualifying team with eligible substitutions (see Eligibility), but the other racers must remain constant. This will allow for possible injuries or other eventualities.

28.5 Eligibility:

In order to compete at the NSSAF championship race, an athlete must have competed in at least one regular season or regional race.

28.6  An ASTM, SNELL, CES or CSA snow sport certified helmet must be worn during training, course inspection and competition.

28.7  Rules of Meet: NSSAF and Canada Snowboard

28.8 Schools will be responsible for timing, gate keeping and other race duties. These can be arranged in cooperation with the ski hill operators. Gatekeepers are appointed from among coaches and other volunteers There must be enough gatekeepers so that all gates are watched. Gatekeepers should be located where they have a good view of several gates. Gate judges must be familiar with the rules (inspection, training, gate DSQ’s, etc.).

28.9 Competitors are required to follow the rules of NSSAF, the ski facility and the skier’s (boarder’s) responsibility code. Failure to do so shall result in a disqualification. This includes profanity.

28.10             Team rosters must be relayed to the Chief of Race three working days before the scheduled race. Teams registering late will race at the end.

28.11             Racers will be given a one-minute grace period after their start number is called. Failure to arrive on time will result in a DNS.

28.12             Racers that DSQ, DNS or DFN the first run will be allowed to take a 2nd run at the end.

28.13             All racers should inspect the race course with their coach. During course inspection, skiers are not allowed to ski through or to shadow the course. Face bibs should be visible during this time if weather permits.

28.14             In the event of a dispute, the jury decision will be final. Composition of the jury is as follows:

        -  Chief of Race

        -  Technical Delegate

        -  Referee (appointed from among the coaches before the race)

        -  Start Judge (starter)

        -  Finish Judge (timer)

        The inclusion of the Technical Delegate for Regional races is optional.

28.15             Awards

        -  Championship banner and six NSSAF gold medallions to snowboarders and coach of the winning team.

        -  Six NSSAF silver medallions to snowboarders and coach of the runner-up team.

        -  Six NSSAF Bronze Medallions to snowboarders and coach of 3rd place team.

        -  Gold, Silver, Bronze Medallions to top three individuals in each Division.

28.16             A Regional race for each region will be held prior to the NSSAF Championship race. Regional race dates will be arranged by the Chief of Race for each specific Region.

28.17 Start List

        The start list will be made up by a draw of school names. Each team will place one racer on the list before any team has two racers. The order will be repeated until all racers are listed. The order in which the snowboarders will race for their team is based upon their seeded position within the team, as provided by their coach.

        In all races, all A team racers will race first followed by B teams, etc. The start list for the second run will follow the same order as the first runs. Second runs start immediatley following the first run.