Soccer fees are $50 and jerseys must be returned to P. Scott at the end of the season.


Tuesday, September 17th               Jr. Boys 3:30pm                 River Hebert      @            Springhill

                                                           Sr. Boys 5:15pm                                River Hebert      @            Springhill


Wednesday, September 18th        Jr. Girls 3:30pm                 Oxford                  @            Springhill


Monday, September 23rd               Sr. Boys 3:30pm                                Oxford                  @            Springhill


Tuesday, September 24th               Jr. Girls 3:30pm                 Pugwash              @            Springhill

 Jr. Boys 5pm                       Pugwash              @            Springhill             


Wednesday, September 25th        Sr. Boys 3:30pm                                Springhill              @            Pugwash


Thursday, September 26th             Jr. Boys 3:30pm                 EB Chandler        @            Springhill

                                                           Jr. Girls 5pm                       EB Chandler        @            Springhill


Tuesday, October 1st                                 Jr. Boys 3:30pm                 Springhill              @            River Hebert

 Sr. Boys 5:00pm                                Springhill              @            River Hebert


Wednesday, October 2nd                Jr. Girls 3:30pm                 Springhill              @            Oxford


Monday, October 7th                       Sr. Boys 3:30pm                                Pugwash              @            Springhill


Tuesday, October 8th                        Sr. Boys 3:30pm                                Springhill              @            Oxford


Wednesday, October 9th                 Jr. Girls 3:30pm                 Springhill              @            EB Chandler

                                                           Jr. Boys 5pm                       Springhill              @            EB Chandler


Tuesday, October 15th                     D3 Regional Play-in Games

or Wednesday, October 16th


Thursday, October 17th                        Jr. Boys 3:30pm                 3rd Place               @            2nd Place

                                                                Jr. Boys 3:30pm                 4th Place               @            1st Place

                                                                Jr. Girls 3:30pm                 3rd Place               @            2nd Place

                                                                Jr. Girls 3:30pm                 4th Place               @            1st Place


Friday, October 18th                          D3 Regional Semi-Finals

Saturday, October 19th                     D3 Regional Finals


Wednesday, October 23rd              Jr. Girls District Championship Game

                                                           Jr. Boys  District Championship Game


Tuesday, October 29th                                  Jr. High Regionals


Friday, November 1st                                     D1-D2-D3 Provincial Semi-Finals

Saturday, November 2nd                 D1-D2-D3 Provincial Finals