29.1  Classification

        Division 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, Boys & Girls

29.2  Host Region

        The Regional Champion of the designated Host Region shall advance directly to NSSAF Championship.

29.3  Qualifying Events

        Schools competing on the first day may request to play the game at a mutually agreed-upon site. This is subject to approval of the NSSAF Regional Director or Executive Director.

29.4. Regulations for Playing Area

        The minimum size of the playing area shall be 50 yards by 100 yards. The field must be grass and must be newly lined or be on an artificial grass surface approved by the NSSAF. Soccer nets must be provided.

29.5 Awards

        -  Championship Banner to winning school.

        - NSSAF Gold Medallions (22) to members of championship team and coach.

        - NSSAF Silver Medallions (22) to members of runners-up team and coach.

        - NSSAF Bronze Medallions (22) to members of the third place team and coach.

29.6  Type of Final

        Single-elimination consolation (two days).

29.7  Rules of Play


        -  Games shall consist of two 45-minute halves.

        -  Maximum number of players - 20.

29.8  Third year Student-Athletes are now permitted to participate in all NSSAF sanctioned JV soccer contests.

29.9  The official ball for the NSSAF Provincial High School and Regional Junior High/Middle School Championships is the Nike Catalyst.

29.10  Cards from one competition will not carry over to another competition. i.e. Cumulative yellow and red cards will not be carried forward from League to District to Regionals to the NSSAF Championships. Suspensions as a result of the card system will carry forward from League to District to Regionals to the NSSAF Championships.

29.11  Tie-breaking Methods:

        a) 15-minute sudden victory period. If still tied, change ends and play an additional 15-minute sudden victory.

        b) Penalty kicks shall be taken in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Laws of the Game and Universal Guide for Referees (FIFA).