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The child and youth mandate of the Nova Scotia Office of the Ombudsman is part of the increased recognition of youth rights and demand for government accountability where services affect them. The Office of the Ombudsman offers an independent mechanism for reviewing and investigating the concerns of children, youth, parents, guardians, and those working in provincial and municipal child and youth serving facilities and systems. As part of our outreach process, we are looking for ways to provide children and youth from across the province the opportunity to speak with us about any questions or concerns they may have with government services. More children and youth interact with government than you may think, especially those in vulnerable situations. Whether through an agency or department, many youth and their families access government services and we want to know if they have concerns or suggestions for improvement.
Thank You,
Brock McDougall
Brock McDougall, MPA | Ombudsman Representative
Nova Scotia Office of the Ombudsman
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