Principal: Bernadine Conron

Grades: 7-12

84 Church Street
PO Box 1060
Springhill NS   B0M 1X0
Telephone: (902) 597-4250 

Fax: (902) 597-4251

How to Get Here:

Take Exit 5 from the highway and follow access road into Springhill (approximately 4 km from the highway). At the end of that road, turn left onto Junction Road. The Armory is on your left and a Green Gables store on the right.

Continue up the hill, past Junction Road School until you reach the stop sign (two large churches are on either side of the street). Turn right onto Main Street.

Continue along Main Street for approximately two blocks and turn left onto Church Street (right beside the town hall). Drive up the hill and Springhill Jr/Sr High is on the left.


If you need further assistance, try Google Maps.