Extracurricular Guidelines 2021-22

See the attached Handbook below for full details.

Student Eligibility:

Students participating in any extracurricular activity must be in good standing academically, behaviorally and regarding attendance. 

Springhill High School believes extracurricular activities are essential in developing students with a sense of responsibility, accountability, and leadership.

Springhill High School, believes in keeping the 'school' in school activities, which is why the administration, teachers, school advisors and coaches promote the belief that student athletes/committee members are students first and that representing the school in all activities is a privilege.

As such, students representing Springhill High School MUST be passing all courses, meeting all attendance requirements, and display appropriate behaviors both in and out of school in order to participate in extracurricular activities.

Students may lose their privilege to participate in organized events if they have:

•   Any failing grade on any progress or formal report,

•   An out of school suspension (regardless of the length of the suspension),

•   An in-school suspension,


•   The student is NOT meeting school attendance expectations.

A student participant failing any one course will be placed on Academic Probation, which involves:

  1. The student is not permitted to participate in events/functions, practices, meetings, or games involved with the extracurricular activity.
  2. A minimum of one week of marked improvement in their academics must be demonstrated. Depending on the level of improvement, the student could then be taken off extracurricular probation, or continue probation for another week. A student who is placed on academic probation and has not engaged in extra supports available and continues to be unsuccessful in their course(s) could be removed from the extracurricular activity.