27.1  Age Classification

        Senior – Under 19 years as of September 30 of the current school year.

        Intermediate – Under 16 years as of September 30of the current school year.

        Junior – Under 14 as of September 30of the current school year.

27.2  Events

        Giant Slalom

27.3  Regional Representation


27.4  Awards

        -  Championship Banner to winning school.

        -  NSSAF Gold Medallions (6) to members of championship team and coach.

        -  NSSAF Silver Medallions (6) to members of runners-up team and coach.

        -  NSSAF Bronze Medallions (6) to members of 3rd place team and coach.

        - NSSAF Gold, Silver, Bronze Medallions to top three individuals in each Division.

27.5  Schools may enter individual skiers to compete for the individual championship. Of the individual skiers entered, schools may choose one male team and one female team in each classification. Each team shall consist of 5 skiers of which the three best scores count as the team time. It is possible for a skier to qualify as an individual and as a team member.         

27.6  Eligibility:

        - In order to compete in the NSSAF final, an athlete must have competed in at least two regular races in the same age class. (i.e. an Intermediate skier may not ski with the senior team at the provincial unless they have skied two regional races as a senior)..

27.7  CSA-approved helmets must be worn.

27.8  No Giant Slalom or Downhill Racing Suits will be permitted.

27.9  Rules of Meet

        Alpine Ski Canada