Youth Health Centre

What's a Youth Health Centre?

  • A place where you can consult with Amanda (youth health coordinator) to discuss health information or any needs you would like to discuss
  • Get access to health and information on problem solving
  • Have private consultations with Amanda
  • Get referrals for other supports
  • Access to supportive health care


The Youth Health Centre provides a safe and confidential space for youth in school.

All services are kept private or 'confidential' unless you or someone else is at risk.

Information can be shared with other service providers with your consent.

Seeing the Nurse Practitioner is confidential and parents are not aware of your visit or health information unless you want them to be informed or you are at risk.

Things to Remember:

  • You don't have to be perfect
  • Having a bad day is okay
  • Small steps are also progress
  • Asking for help is strength
  • You are respected and appreciated

Services Offered Through the Centre:

  • Problem Solving/Anger Management
  • Want to quit smoking?
  • Mental health support
  • Referrals to other services, such as counselling
  • Education on youth health
  • Advocacy/Social Justice
  • Groups set up by youth
  • Birth control
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • GSA

Youth Health Centre Contact:

Springhill Junior Senior High School

Amanda Gogan - amanda.gogan (at) nshealth (dot) ca

W (902) 597-4253 C (902) 694-4676

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